What is One Theme?

One Theme is a cutting-edge wordpress plugin that instantly turns your site into a smartphone friendly experience. Create your brand and choose from over 16 color schemes in seconds.

We make sure your mobile site is always wearing it's Sunday best.

How Does it Work?

One Theme cleverly detects when your site is being viewed from a mobile device. It will then automatically switch your regular theme over to a fully optimized mobile theme.

Switching back to the original theme is only a swipe of a finger away!

Why Choose Us?

At One Theme we are always pushing the limits with mobile technology. Our themes are updated on a weekly basis and as a customer, you'll receive free upgrades for life.

Enjoy the traffic boost of an SEO Optimized Mobile Theme.

Logo Love

Easily customize your mobile theme logo with our easy uploader. Don't have a logo? No problem! Our text logo feature will sort you out.

One Click Tricks

Change your fonts, font weights all in the click of a button.

The Perfect Fit

One Theme automatically resizes images and video allowing a flawless transformation to mobile platforms.

Flip it like it's hot

It doesn't matter whether users are viewing your site horizontally or vertically. One Theme will re-position all media on the fly.

The Quickest Theme Switcher in The West.

Switch between 14 different color schemes in seconds. This is one of our most powerful features.


The average Wordpress site changes its theme 3 times. We took that in mind and gave people the option to choose from 14 different color schemes. Our theme switcher will allow your mobile theme to easily keep up with any changes your main theme has.

More Traffic?

This is our pièce de résistance! One Theme is fully optimized for Google Mobile spiders. One Theme will boost your sites traffic due to higher rankings on Google mobile.

No SEO Knowledge Needed.

One Theme will automatically optimize your site for SEO. You don't need to touch a button, just sit back and watch your rankings rise.

Facebook, Twitter and RSS

Social media is a must with all Wordpress blogs. One Theme enables users easily "follow" you, "like" you, or subscribe to your blog.

Not a Social fan?

You can disable one or all of the social options with the click of a button.

Don't Miss A Thing

Every page on your blog will be easily discoverable through our navigation panel. You will also be able to hide certain pages if you wish.

Super Search

Our slick search engine will enable any readers to quickly access any post they have in mind.

Get money, get paid.

The vast majority of us have a website to make money. With that in mind we added premium ad positions that can be used for Admob and Mobile Adsense ads.

Custom Banner Ads

If you don't want to use Admob or Mobile Adsense you can easily enable banner ads of your own.

Mobile Track

With One Theme you will be able to track your mobile traffic separately from your regular traffic.

One Theme Magic

Watch the benefits of One Theme come in to play with a healthy upwards trend in traffic. Please send us screenshots, we love happy customers!

Incredible Support

We have a support team working around the clock, happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Customer service is our number one priority.

Stunning Designs

We have an eye for great design, and our themes are designed by well respected top web designers. We believe that smartphones should be used to look at pretty things!

Simple & Easy To Use

An Intuitive setting page gives you complete control. Customize One Theme to your liking using our easy to use settings page.

Expertly Built

Our themes are fully optimized for the best performance on smartphones. OneTheme ensures fast-loading and maximum Search Engine exposure.

Download your mobile Theme now! Risk free, withour 30-day money-back guarantee
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